Amplify your yield on LUSD

Bond to get bLUSD and benefit from an enhanced yield*

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Benefits of holding boosted LUSD

bLUSD benefits from an amplified yield*

Yield is automatically reinvested and compounded

Growing price floor and limited downside risk**

Bonding –
how it works

By bonding LUSD users can obtain bLUSD at a discount while protecting their principal. More details here.



Deposit LUSD and accrue bLUSD – no maturity and no lock up


Chicken In

Claim bond any time and get the accrued bLUSD in exchange for your deposited LUSD


Chicken Out

Cancel bond at any time and get back your LUSD


Re-bond or hold bLUSD

Sell bLUSD and rebond or just hold bLUSD and benefit from the amplified yield*

Start Bonding

Chicken Bonds does not run its own Frontend. To interact with the protocol, users may choose from the list of Frontend Operators below.


Every user will get an on-chain Dynamic NFT that changes based on the users' actions

Staking vs. Bonding LUSD

Due to a yield amplification effect, your boosted LUSD (bLUSD) earns a higher yield than a deposit in Liquity’s Stability Pool

As the yield is automatically reinvested rather than paid out, there’s no need to compound manually. bLUSD can be redeemed for an increasing amount of LUSD, resulting in a rising price floor.

Get a boosted yield by bonding LUSD or buying bLUSD on the market.

How it used to be

Boosted LUSD Yield Strategy


* See our User docs for more information on the amplified yield.
** See our
User docs for exceptions and risks.